123 Connect

Get Direct Access to Client Order Data and
Reduce Manual Order Entry

WMS123 includes 123 Connect, which offers subscription-based data integration to the popular E-Commerce platforms to make it easy to connect with your customers data. Select from online retailers and shipping service providers.
123 Connect also offers secure EDI and file transfer methods

. 123 Connect gives you a fast and easy way to get your customer connected, eliminate manual data entry and improving communication. There is no better way to reduce your delivery cycle than to induct order data automatically, in real-time

Connect Online

Aquiring new clients is quick and easy through our subscription based connections. Utalize our pre-configured integrations that require minimal setup. We offer over 60 integrations to the most popular E-Commerce retail platforms and small parcel shipping services.

EDI Enabled

Our pre-configured transactions and mapping tools make EDI easier on your internal team. Benefit from dozens of our standard 3PL and Distriution transactions that are already in place. Feel free to fill out a form to get a list of our standard transactions.

3PL Client Portal

Give your clients complete visibility into your warehouse through a personalized 3PL Client Portal that provides real--time inventory visibility, Inbound and Outbound order entry, order status and history, plus live shipment tracking

it's never been easier to connect

E-Commerce Made Simple

Make new E-Com retail connections for new or existing clients with subscription-based integration connections

Order Updates

E-Commerce retail platform orders are updating with shipping and tracking data automatically

EDI Ready

WMS123 utilizes the proven EDI capability of ERP123 to reduce EDI integration lead-time

Reduce Order Entry

Reduce or eliminate manual order entry

Easy Client Onboarding

Onboard new clients more quickly with reduce integration lead-time

Satisfied Customers

The tools offer by WMS123 ensure reliable communication and ensure customer satisfaction

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