order management

A Primary 3PL Objective

managing client orders has never been easier

Managing client orders is a fundamental activity for every business and is especially critical in both 3PL and product distribution if you want to maintain customer loyalty and ensure product flow throughout the supply chain. Todays customers expect orders they place are promptly processed and demand real-time information from the supply chain so they can stay on top of problems.

WMS123 provides comprehensive order management solution for your clients by integrating the data sources they utilize to reduce manual order entry and its associated human error. Available data integrations include E-Commerce platforms and EDI, and their own personalized 3PL Client Portal. This web-based interface brings together inventory visibility, order entry, shipment tracking, and order history providing a premium web-based experience for each of your clients


  • Receive & Schedule Orders

    Orders for Inbound goods can be placed on the 3PL Client Portal, via EDI, or manually entered through the Dock Scheduler

  • Receiving & Tagging

    Products are received against Inbound Orders., noting issues such as damaged or defective product. Warehouse ID labels are printed as product is organized for put away

  • Put Away

    WMS123 will sugest Put-Away locations based on like types of inventory and location of other product for this client


  • Receive Orders

    Orders can be received from E-Commerce sites, EDI, the 3PL Client Portal or entered manually

  • Order Processing

    Approved orders automatically enter the WMS Pick Generator for Pick List generation based on client fulfillment rules

  • Pick, Pack & Ship

    Picked orders are packed into containers that get assigned tracking numbers, rate shopped, and shipped using TMS integration


  • Order Control Center

    This customer service dashboard consolidates everything you want to know about an order into a single interface

  • Package Tracking

    Each package shipped through WMS123 is tracked using the package tracking ID assigned by the TMS. WMS123 knows exactly what is in each package

  • Order Status

    WMS123 tracks when an order is received, picked and shipped for real-time processing status. The orders closes automatically when it is manifested

  • Order History

    Vew complete order history for Inbound and Outbound orders on the 3PL Client Portal

Benefits that make a difference

Order Automation

Take advantage of order automations that reduce manaul order entry

Eliminate Paper

Single point order entry data is utilized digitally throughout all warehouse activities

Accuracy and Reliability

WMS123 makes losing and order impossible and improves the accuracy of all downstream functions

3PL Client Portal

Give your customers access to their own personalized online portal where they can communicate with you in real-time

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