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3PL Client Portal

WMS123 offers a secure, web-based 3PL portal with controlled client access that allows your clients to communicate with your business in real-time.

Built this with you and your customers in mind. 

The Sky's The Limit

We Create Unique a experiance That Helps Your Business Grow

Within the 3PL Client Portal your customer is greeted by a dashboards that displays their inventory and allows them to quickly identify supply chain shortages. The portal also provides both Inbound and Outbound order entry functionality, and detailed order status including package tracking detail, all within an easy to navigate user interface. Your customer will always be on the same page as you are because you are seamlessly sharing data through WMS123

We Solve Real Supply chain Problems

what can a 3PL client portal do for you?

Easy to Use

The 3PL client portal is built to be accessbile and easy to use for clients of all sizes and experiance levels.

better Communicaiton

Set up configurable notifications to increase visiblity into supply shortages, client spending, and more.

Reduce Manual Entry

No matter the size of your client, you can ensure they have the best possible experiance for inbound / outbound ordering.

Reporting & Analytics

Create customer specific reports for your indivdual clients or even standardize a report for groups.

Increase Visibility

Inbound / Outbound ordering, status, and history all from one screen. Did we mention that it's all in real time and color coded?

Secure & Safe

We go to great lengths to ensure your data is protected. All 3PL client portals are run under HTTPS and include SSL certificates.

Personalized Experiance

Create a unique experiance by uploading logos and branding directly to your 3PL portal.

Connect Anywhere

The WMS123 Client Portal is mobile compliant and can be accessed anywhere in the world from any device.

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