WMS123 for
3PL warehouses

WMS123 is the complete end-to-end warehouse management solution for 3PL business because it’s easy to learn and offers comprehensive functionality that enables your staff, creates efficiency and pptimizes operational productivity and throughput.

Better Tools =
Better Performance

WMS123 software provides a fully integrated solution for effectively managing warehouse operation, inventory and shipment, enabling logistics providers to carry out their work with greater accuracy, improved traceability and speed, and automate complex billing.

Explore WMS123 Features

Easy E-Commerce

Easily connect to the data sources your clients utilize with our built-in integrations to the most popular E-Commerce and shipping services platforms

Client Portal

Offer your clients a premium online experience with personalized WMS123 3PL Client portals that provide real-time data that reduces calls to customer service

Order Management

Manage high order volumes from a variety of secure data sources with approval gateways that ensure orders get released quickly and efficiently

Paperless Fulfillment

Enable fast, accurate, and reliable picking, order packing, and best-cost shipping with WMS123 Order Fulfillment and TMS integration

Best Practice Operations

Get operational tools that promote workflow, improve throughput, and ensure inventory accuracy and help organize your facility to minimize movement

Freight Management

Leverage integrated multi-carrier TMS platforms  and take advantage of automated rate shopping and freight invoicing functions

Automated Bill & Invoicing

Gather billing data in real-time using Android devices that capture everyting you need to bill your clients and automatically generate invoicing

Finance & Accounting

WMS123 utilizes ERP123 Financials which offers a flexible and robust financial system suitable for any 3PL business and supports 3PL billing processes


Stress-free Implementation

We believe good business software must be built on the business it serves. So we align our systems to the proven processes our customers have already developed to make their business successful and profitable.

  • Experienced Project Teams

  • Tailored Implementation Plans

  • Detailed Needs Analysis

  • Transitional Planning & Support

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Tailored Demonstration

Every business is different. We focus on providing a demonstration that is built on the needs and wants of your business. 


Needs Analysis

No matter if your starting a 3PL business or replacing a system, our team will provide a tailored onboarding proccess that will ensure success for your team. 

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