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In a warehouse, your operational performance dramatically affects both efficiency and profitability. Poor warehouse throughput and wasted labour directly affects your ability to generate both revenue and profit. Improving your performance means addressing the root causes that of issues inhibit workflow in Receiving, Supply Chain Fulfillment, and Pick, Pack and Ship

The designers of WMS123 believe the right way to optimize warehouse operations is to combine industry-best process design with technology in a manner that directly addresses the root causes inefficiency. 

WMS123 addresses operational challenges for any industry where warehouse management plays an important role including product distributors, multi-site retailers, and third-party logistics (3PL), and excels in environments where supply chain replenishment and inventory accuracy are critical.

Deliver best-in-class WMS Operational Processes in your facility

We use an agile, flexible, and repeatable process.

Location Matrix
Create a detailed location matrix for your warehouse that will be used by WMS123 to optimize warehouse travel and make location recommendations

Inventory locations and stored product should be properly barcoded for inventory accuracy and ease of transaction processing

We’ll help you choose the right scanners and printers to get the most out of the tools WMS123 offers

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WMS123 manages both distribution-based Purchase Orders and 3PL Inbound Orders as INBOUND system documents

Dock Management
Inbound Orders are scheduled to a Dock Scheduler, where Receiving appointments can be managed

When goods arrive warehouse personnel log onto the order using their scanners to receive it to the Loading Dock

Put Away
Inventory in the Dock location is moved using Put Away functions that logically locate inventory and assign Pallet ID’s for more efficient transaction processing

Stock Planning
Create detailed stocking plans for multi-location warehouse or retail locations

Use Distribution Requirements Planning to create product transfer plans to move inventory from stocking locations to where it is needed

Transfer Orders
Transfers created by DRP are send to WMS123 for processing

Order Automation
Orders enter WMS123 in real-time with subscription-based E-Commerce integrations, EDI, or the 3PL Client Portal

TMS Integration
Automate package registration, rate shopping, pickup registration, manifesting, and tracking processes with a fully integrated TMS

Inventory Accuracy
Delivery reliability by improving inventory accuracy with world-class processes that address the root causes of errors

WMS123 considers both Sales Orders and 3PL Outbound Orders as OUBOUND system documents

Fulfillment Automation
Pick List generation considers client fulfillment rules

Picking Automatoin
Android device application guide the picker through the most efficient route through the warehouse

Packing Automation
Scan picked product in containers so WMS123 knows the contents of each package or skid you ship


Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Labour Efficiency
Generate labour efficiency metrics based on warehouse floor order logging

Pick Efficiency
Analyze pick efficiency by client, product type, and employee

Order Fulfillment
Measure your delivery performance against performance metrics demanded by your clients

Client Profitability
Plot client revenue against categorized expenses to better understand overall client profitability


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