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Order fulfillment activities, also know as "Pick, Pack and Ship" is one of the most fundamental processes that both 3PL warehouses and distribution companies must master to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. And more often than not, the tools the warehouse uses to perform this activity fall short of ensuring order accuracy and on-time delivery.

Reduce Order Cycle Times and Improve Accuracy & Delivery Performance

WMS123 Order Fulfillment is designed by supply chain management and logistics experts that understand the process challenges of this business critical function and created tools and workflow within WMS123 that optimize process performance every step of the way. When combined with real-time connections to the order data sources used by your customers, WMS123 enables your delivery capability by minimizing the time between order entry and the start of warehouse activity.

Order picking

  • Pick List Generation

    Easily generate Pick Lists for available orders that enter WMS123 in real-time

  • Fulfillment Rules

    Rules related to backorders and product availability are executed during Pick List Generatoin

  • Device Assignment

    Pick Lists are assigned to devices for picking, allowing you the meter the picking flow on the warehouse floor

  • Picking Intelligence

    Devices guide picker through pick process and recommending the route that minimizes picker travel

Order Packing

  • Packing Station

    Complete the picking process by transferring pick to the WMS123 Packing Station

  • Pallets and Containers

    Picked items are packed in containers with IDs assigned as containers are closed

  • Package Registration

    Containers are registered with the selected carrier through the integrated TMS

  • Pick Up Register

    The shipment is registered by the TMS with the selected carrier and marked for pickup


  • Tracking Detail

    Tracking IDs are assigned to each package through the integrated TMS and shipping labels print

  • Manifest

    When the carrier picks up the shipment it manifests, indicating the order has departed from the warehouse

  • Tracking Updates

    WMS123 scans the TMS for tracking updates for open orders and updates web portals

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Order Accuracy

Order picking processes conducted on Android devices ensure the right goods are picked from the right location every single time

Reduce Cycle Times

Improve warehouse throughput by reducing order cycle times

Shipping Automation

Optimize shipping efficiency and automate package registration with the WMS123 Packing Station and TMS integration

Fulfillment Metrics

Measure your ability to meet the delivery metrics demanded by your clients

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