wMS123 Services

Our team can support all of the needs of your business. From Implementation, Project Management, Technical Support and Software Development. 

A proven Implementation process

5 Steps to Organizational Success

Our team knows what it takes to deliver robust and flexible 3PL & distribution services. Our implementation proccess is agile, flexible, and repeatable process that enables growth in your business year-over-year. 

1) Detailed Analysis

Our team takes the time to review your business and understand the clients you serve. We will provide a business process analysis and make recommendations based on our findings. 

2) Data Construction

We will work with you to set up WMS123 to maximize efficiency with your data. This is great time to clean up old data from your environment. 

3) Pilot Simulation

We simulate your entire business practice to ensure your team is satisfied. We resolve all gaps to ensure a seemless transistion. 

4) Go-Live Preperation

We synchronize all operational and financial data. This means no downtime, no intruptions and smooth transistion for your team. 

5) Continious Support

We support our clients onsite and provide extra assistance during your launch. We’ll help your user comminity learn, adapt and grow using WMS123. 

More Than Our Technology

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to maximize the value they get out of our technology and develop strategic support plans for every size of business. WMS123 has a unique approach that breaks down departmental silos and brings together your team through industry leading technology. Get the most out of WMS123 with expert Advice, Training and Services.