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Does your 3PL business struggle to track and bill clients in a simple, automated way? Other tools can be time consuming and prone to error. 3PL Auto-Bill supports a wide variety of standard 3PL billing algorithms with the capability to incorporate additional, client-specific logic where necessary. In addition, any value-added activity can be billed using WMS123 Activity Reporting

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How it works

3PL warehouses have the ability to create their own billing matrix and capture any 3PL activity. 

1) Billing Configuration

WMS123 has configurable billing rules that can be set up based on the 3PL activities your team is providing. You have the ability to set the indicidual pricing and frequency per client.

2) Collect Data

As your warehouse operates, WMS123 traps data related to storage, order processing, and transaction processing. Charge fees based on order picking, packing, labelling and shipping. Value added activities such as palletization, damage, and kitting can also be recorded.

3) Automatic Invoicing

WMS123 has a built in Accounts Receivable module and allows for the automatic generation of invoices. Your accounting team can select frequency based on clients and also configure a review and release process.

featured case study

Hyperlink Logistics, Ontario

Similar to other 3PL providers, Hyperlink Logistics offers each of their clients customized services and fees, hence the billing process can be complex and varies from client to client. They used external tools that were time consuming and prone to errors.

WMS123’s enhanced billing system provides superior functions that allow Hyperlink to automate and pre-schedule billing for freight, storage, order-processing and all other billable activities. Using the Client Billing Profile, each client is set up with unique service items, fees, billing cycles and schedules. Billing invoices are automated, allowing them to easily customize ways of billing and greatly improves billing accuracy and efficiency.

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