5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Warehouse Management Technology for 2022

Having a high-quality warehouse management system can make a world of difference for 3PL and Distribution companies. If you already have one, you’re on the right track! But overtime, you need to re-evaluate your technology to determine if it still meets your needs. If there is anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that companies need to adopt new technology and can’t afford to fall behind. Here are a few reasons to revisit and upgrade your warehouse management system.

Creating Easy Connections for Clients (Bi-Directional Connectivity)

As a 3PL, connecting to data sources used by your clients is an important service offering. It creates convenience for the client and efficencies for your team. When upgrading your WMS, it is important to get realiable, bi-directional connectivity to popular E-Commerce platforms like Amzon, Shopify, Ebay & Woo Commerce as well as the EDI data sources, such as SPS Commerce, that are utilized by larger retailers. For those clients that are lower tech, we at WMS123 recommend offering a Client Web Portal provides real-time communication.

Get Into better hardware with Android

Using Android-based applications for your WMS operations opens up a world of device choices that simply can’t be considered with typical WMS systems.  This means that any device that runs Android, including your phone, can be used to receive inventory, process orders and cycle count your warehouse.

Better Handling Freight

Billing freight to clients most often involves a lot of manual effort.  Upgrading your WMS can  resolve the issues with billing freight through the integration of rate-shopping transportation management (TMS) systems that provides shipping process automation and tracks freight cost by order.  Freight cost is then marked up or flat-rated and recovered from the client as part of an enhanced system. 

Save Time and Automate 3PL Billing

For most WMS systems that say they offer 3PL billing, the solutions are rarely full automation. Our recommendation is to carefully select a WMS that offers a comprehensive 3PL billing process that covers not only standard services like storage, order processing, and fulfillment, but also user-definable value added services that with pricing configured to meet the needs of each client.  Invoicing needs to be automated, supported by user-definable billing frequency for each service category that generates invoices into the WMS financial system.  3PL billing needs to be efficient in order to grow your customer base and invoice accordingly. 

Say Goodbye to Quickbooks with Integrated Financials 

Generating invoices is great but you still need to manage your receivables, pay your suppliers, and financially manage your business.  Using 3rd party financials (Like quickbooks) means duplicate data entry.  That’s why at WMS123 we offer and recommend a fully integrated financial component, which provides a multi-warehouse, multi-currency General Ledger with comprehensive Accounts Receivalbe and Accounts Payable functions.  It’s a complete financial solution for each warehouse and your overall business and it eliminates need for 3rd party financial systems.