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Canadian 3PL Quadruples Performance

Ontario 3PL Warehouse using flexible warehouse management systems for 3PL and Distribution WMS123

Hyperlink Logistics is a full-service, third-party warehousing and distribution company located in Vaughan, Ontario. With 30 years of logistics experience, the company serves the commercial, industrial, retail, E-tail, distribution, and manufacturing industries as a responsive one-stop distribution and 3PL service provider.

Hyperlink Logistics implemented a new WMS system with the goal to provide its clients with increased supply chain capacity, superior product handling accuracy and state of the art product offerings.

Their performance since then has quadrupled.

The Challenge:

Since the inception of Hyperlink Logistics 30 years ago, the operational processes being used to manage and transact the warehouse have been efficient and well-executed. The real issues revolved around the age of their Microsoft Navision (NAV) system being utilized and limitations it imposes. The NAV doesn’t offer a true 3PL model within its functionality, but Hyperlink has made it work by working around the obstacles. For example, Sales and Purchase Orders are being tweaked and used in place of standard 3PL Inbound / Outbound orders. Another major challenge was that NAV did not have a flexible, customizable
3PL billing model which requires the ability to capture all billable activities and services, and generate pre-scheduled billing invoices. As Hyperlink Logistics continues to expand their business and improve customer support, they required a system that provides web-based visibility and functionality, as well as the ability for multi-channel integrations.

The Solution

After rounds of reviewing different solutions, Hyperlink Logistics chose WMS123 for these key reasons:

• A system that offers a true 3PL model
• Allows for customizable, client profile-driven auto-billing
• A WMS integrated with modern mobile computer devices
• Web-based client portal
• Multi-channel integrations with Transport Management Systems
(TMS) and other web stores (Like Amazon and Shopify)
• EDI capability

The Result:

True 3PL Model To Process Inventory
Instead of using work-arounds with Purchase Orders and Sales Orders in the NAV system, the new state of the art Inbound and Outbound Order efficiently handles inventory movement. Inbound orders are created easily using the client’s SKUs, and Inbound Receiving is used to receive & process inventory. Then, a service work order is automatically generated to perform any required activities such as repacking or skid building. Outbound orders are generated through Desktop modules, the Client Web Portal, or Integrations such as other web stores or EDI. Then, a pick list is created by the warehouse and assigned for picking and packing. All inventory movement and activities are performed and recorded on the mobile computer device with simple and clean instructions. Using WMS123’s new Dock Scheduler, the calendar view of docks at each warehouse provides the ability to schedule and manage inbound and outbound shipments coming to the docks. With a tailored and simplified UI for Inbound/Outbound order processing, the interaction
between the physical inventory movement and the system naturally syncs up to streamline the process and improves user adaptability.

Improved Warehouse Management
The new high performance robust mobile device features a modern design and uses the latest WiFi and Bluetooth technology. The new mobile WMS application has smart features for optimizing picking, intelligent routes and put away including skid building and labeling, processing multiple scan
cycles and validation to eliminate errors.

Enhanced Client Service
Another upgrade for Hyperlink Logistics is a new client web portal, a built-in feature from WMS123. The web portal provides a gateway for order entry,
uploads, tracking order statuses, as well as viewing order history. It also offers a real-time inventory view for the client which greatly facilitates planning.
Another enhancement Hyperlink Logistics implemented through WMS123 is automated report emailing. Pre-scheduled daily or weekly reports on inventory status, shipment details and activities are sent via email to clients directly from the system. The proactive service not only benefits their clients, it also increases their operational efficiency.

Automated Billing
Similar to other 3PL providers, Hyperlink Logistics offers each of their clients customized services and fees, hence the billing process can be complex and
varies from client to client. They used external tools that were time consuming and prone to errors. WMS123’s enhanced billing system provides superior functions that allow Hyperlink to automate and pre-schedule billing for freight, storage, order-processing and all other billable
activities. Using the Client Billing Profile, each client is set up with unique service items, fees, billing cycles and schedules. Billing invoices are automated, allowing them to easily customize ways of billing and greatly improves billing accuracy and efficiency.

Multi-Channel Integration
Shipping and transportation is one of the key operational elements for logistics companies. Hyperlink uses online tools to select the best transportation and shipping rates for their clients. WMS123 provides seamless API integration to the TMS application, giving them dynamic access to tracking numbers and
shipment statuses by order. It avoids duplicate entries and errors, allowing for visibility from one central place. The next feature Hyperlink plans to build is an integration between consumer-based e-commerce platforms such as Shopify to their system, providing a true end-to-end logistics service to their clients.

Better Labor Management
The data from the Mobile WMS units enables for performance tracking, capacity planning and costing which enables Hyperlink to analyze their productivity and ensure they are utilizing the workforce at full capacity. 

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